The Best New Makeup Blog

This week we’re discussing the freshest cosmetics web journal to hit the scene. Not Another Cover Girl is an adorable blog that has discussions about all diverse sorts of cosmetics. This reaches from drugstore cosmetics to the more expensive products. The creator, Laura, is an individual who appreciates identifying with others about her energy and trusts that fans love what she puts out there.

Her most recent entry is her review of Revlon Age Defying Concealer. I don’t have a clue about you, but beyond any doubt I could utilize some dim spot remedy at just $12.99. In this post, she clarifies the value, the advantages and disadvantages, and incorporates her general contemplation about this item. This UT scholar surely tries to incorporate everything.

Revlon's Age Defying Concealer

Have an item that you need her to check out? She gives her email address on location so you can contact her straightforwardly. She LOVES taking requests for her followers.